How Gift Shopping Became Virtual this Holiday Season

by Kiera Gold on December 14, 2020

With Hanukkah already starting and Christmas just around the corner, buying gifts is on top of everyone’s to-do list! After an extensive survey, Jassby has found that majority of people are planning on changing their typical holiday shopping habits to adapting a more virtual approach Convenient and social-distance-friendly, buying gifts from the comfort of the home and on a smart device sounds incredibly appealing, but figuring out what to buy can be a huge challenge, especially for the younger generations. Here are some cool and trendy items that will make any Gen Z-er happy:

The generation of DIY: Gen Z loves watching YouTube videos and enjoying Do It Yourself content. Many popular networks such as Buzzfeed have a wide variety of DIY content, and an incredibly popular sub genre of DIY is crafts. From making pottery to crocheting Disney characters, crafting videos are fun and interactive which is why so many people like them! Know a little one who loves to create? Get up to 30% off of DIY Crafts in the Jassby shop!

Music is a wonderful thing that transcends time and generations while also bringing people together from many different cultures. If your loved one is a music fanatic that you catch air-guitaring on the regular, you can never go wrong with a solid pair of headphones for amazing music-streaming ability! We just so happen to have some of the best pairs of headphones and for 30% off.

Gen Zer’s live, breathe, and speak social media. Getting the #PerfectPicture takes effort and a good eye for aesthetics. As vintage styles begin to re-emerge in the fashion world, so have polaroid cameras. Giving a fabulous photo a 90s flair, polaroid cameras have made a large comeback within the last several years. Up your Gen Zer’s instagram game and help them capture precious moments by giving FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini 11 Instant Film Camera 30% off.

Really in a pinch and don’t know what to buy? Not to worry, our survey data indicated that many people are requesting and gifting gift-cards this year. A fantastic and convenient present, gift cards allow a loved one to pick out something they absolutely love! Some of our top selling gift cards are Roblox, Chipotle, and Target.