Never Have I Ever Family Edition
Never Have I Ever Family Edition
Never Have I Ever Family Edition
Never Have I Ever Family Edition
Never Have I Ever Family Edition
Never Have I Ever Family Edition
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Never Have I Ever Family Edition

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Brand: Never Have I Ever


  • Induces laughs and incredible stories
  • Your crew will be faced with random questions and will have to answer truthfully
  • When you play and answer our amazing questions truthfully, you’ll learn amazing things about the people you thought you knew best
  • Adds fun and laughter to your night-in
  • Includes 224 cards, 6 paddles, custom timer and rules

Binding: Toy

Details: Every game of Never Have I Ever presents a chance to relive life's funny, embarrassing and awkward moments with your family and friends. Object of the game: Be the first person to collect 5 Blue Play Cards by answering (truthfully!) to the Never Have I Ever questions. Starting the game: Choose the player who's wearing the coolest shirt. Good. Now, whoever's sitting to the right of this fashion icon gets to start the game. Why? Because Never Have I Ever liked a show off! Playing the game: The person starting the game spins the spinner to determine who's playing in the first round. Once the players are determined, this same person picks a Blue Play Card from the pile and reads it out loud. These cards are examples of things you may or may not have done. And now... the fun part! Everyone playing in the round must answer (I repeat -- truthfully!) by using their "I HAVE" or their "I HAVE NEVER" paddles. If the person who started the round answers the question with "I HAVE," they get to keep the card (Not permanently, you nutjobs. When the game's over, put them back in the box like civilized humans). Remember, to win a Blue Play Card, you MUST be the person to start the round! Everyone else's answers are just for fun. Remember fun? No?! Well you're about to have some! At the end of each round, the player to the left starts the cycle again with a spin. The first player to collect 5 Blue Play cards wins eternal glory (that lasts until you all play again). Perfect for family reunions, birthday parties, neighborhood get together's, vacations, and many other occasions!

Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 4.0 x 2.8 inches

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