Podcasting 101 for Teens
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Podcasting 101 for Teens

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Students will learn an overview of how to start their own podcasts, how to launch it, how to find excited listeners – and how to monetize it. They will explore how to create a show that has an impact on their brand, their business, their lives, and the lives of their listeners. I started podcasting almost 10 years ago when podcasts were not very known. Today most people know what podcasts are and the average person is subscribed to about 7 podcasts.

Podcasts are growing popularity every single day with more listeners coming in looking to listen to things they enjoy, companies spending money on advertising on shows, and big technologies coming in to take advantage of this rush. It is my job to help you navigate this landscape. Once you begin and gain some experience, it is relatively easier than creating videos – and a lot more fun than blogging. It is pretty unbelievable how much impact words spoken into a microphone can have – especially when it is done from the comfort of your own home.

The teen years are the perfect time to begin your journey with podcasting. With every new episode that you record, your confidence as a speaker builds and you become a better presenter on your topic of choice and a better marketer for a current or future brand. This is the time to roll up your sleeves and start broadcasting your message to the world. You, too, can make this world a better place by sharing ideas, guest interviews, and knowledge about topics you are passionate about. For parents who would like to begin this journey along with your teens, this can be an awesome opportunity to embark together on a project that will be there long after the teens mature and leave home. This is a forever project that will capture the very few magical years we have with our teens.

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